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  1. Tule 2 years ago

    been watching you for years.

  2. Tatilar
    Tatilar 2 years ago

    A universe out of nothing is evidence of a agent/creator. Just like life on this planet is evidence of an intelligent source. As the OP indicated information is a fundamental principle of the universe and for life. We have more information in DNA than a set of encyclopedias. Instructions equal information. That information is housed in four bit coding within DNA and coding is evidence of a mind. So we have information encoded within DNA as evidence of an intelligent source because information always comes from an intelligent source. Now based on what science tells us I outlined the attributes of that agent/creator. Using the principle of the best explanation those attributes would point to an eternal Creator we call God.

  3. Tojas 2 years ago

    she is so beautiful. i love how she loves pleasing her man. amazing.

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